Why clever students know the value of a good essay service?

Do clever students know the value of a good essay writing service? Well that is the point isn't it, how do you know they are clever? Are they clever because they are getting good marks on their essays? What if that is because they are using essay writing services?

Are they getting good marks on their mock exams? How do you know that is not because they are using essay writing services and are using the spare time to do more revision?

Are the students smart "because" they are using essay services? The fact they are outsourcing the chump work may suggest that they are pretty clever. Maybe the students that are honestly writing their own essays are the dumb ones.

It is dog eat dog with essay services

Let's say that the clever students are using custom essay services and the not-so-clever students are not. Is that fair? If the dumber students were smarter, they too would use essay writing services. It is dog-eat-dog in this world. If you are being graded on a curve, then it may be unfair to use essay writing services, but most students are not. If you use an essay service to help get your qualification, then you are using all the tools at your disposal.

Limping by without an essay service

A student from Australia can make an order within an essay service UK jurisdiction and nobody will ever know. You do not have to make an order with a company in your own country, and there are plenty of essay writing service reviews to help you pick the one for you. Students are limping by without ever using an essay writing service and it is silly. They needn't be worried about being caught if they can make orders from anywhere in the world, and who says you have to make the order anyway? Have your brother or friend do it for you if you afraid of being caught.